Meet the Williamsons

Meet Michael and Michele Williamson, the dynamic duo behind the scenes at the La Bergerie Christian Church. Together, they’ve weathered over twenty-one years of marital bliss and are the proud parents of three incredible children: Sharayah ( a working professional in Brooklyn, New York), Michael Jr. (an 18-year-old Fresher @ Kings College wise beyond his years), and Mia Grace (a warmhearted 11-year-old with a heart full of wonder).

Michael has worn many hats throughout his journey – from guiding wayward teens to mentoring single professionals and leading the charge in the Arts and Entertainment ministry. He’s been a beacon of hope in Oregon, Washington, and California, and now, he’s taken his talents to the grand stage of London, England. Michael is an international speaker and motivator, who God has used on all six populated continents on the globe. One of his sermons went viral in 2023, taking the internet by storm. Michael’s not just a talker; he’s a doer. Alongside Michele, they sold their home, bid farewell to most worldly possessions, and left family and friends behind to embark on a missionary adventure in the UK. He also daringly took a small group into Ukraine days after the war, extracting several hurting souls. Michael was successful in helping more than twenty refugees leave Ukradoctorate some of whom are on his staff in London. Oh, and did we mention Michael is a scholar en route to completing is doctoratete? He’s earned himself a master’s degree in Ministry from the prestigious International College of Christian Ministries (ICCM).

Let’s talk about Michele – the Women’s Ministry Leader extraordinaire. Her mission? To empower women to rise above their past, armed with the mighty sword of God’s Holy Word. Michele believes that vulnerability is the secret sauce to healing and that shedding light on her imperfections paves the way for others to do the same. She’s not just a leader; she’s a beacon of hope, a sought-after worldwide public speaker, and a personal mentor to countless women leaders around the globe. Michael and Michele are on a divine quest to seek and save the lost and change Europe. Their passion is infectious, and their love for God and people knows no bounds.

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Fun Facts About The Williamsons

Prior to Michael’s call to ministry He pursued natural fitness training coupled with a successful acting career. Michael has had speaking roles in feature films including “Men of Honor”, “The Hunted”, TV Shows “Mad about You”, and done commercial work for Nike, Adidas, Wells Fargo, Nautilus, ESPN, Chevy, Ford, Subaru, Intel, and Hewlett Packard. Additionally Michael has also held Director level positions in the IT industry.

Country of Origin

Michele was originally born in Vietnam to an English father, but was brought up in Perth, Western Australia where she lived until moving to the United States to study in 1996. Her favorite scripture is Ephesians 5:13 (The Voice):

“When the light shines, it exposes even the dark and shadowy things and turns them into pure reflections of light. This is why they sing, “Awake, you sleeper! Rise from your grave, And the Anointed One will shine on you.”