Our vision of Our Christian Church “La Bergerie” is to build a Christian family union, with a strong foundation of bringing salvation to the people of the world. At this present time we have already started our journey in London (UK), but our goal is to expand to Africa and the rest of the world by the grace of God. We want salvation to be at the forefront of our mission in the Ministry.

This is our duty as a Church, a vessel in the Lord's work, to go out and be the fishermen and women to bring souls to the Lord Jesus Christ, to understand and accept him as their personal saviour and to help them to rely on the word of God and what the bible teaches us.

As a Church for God's purpose, we want to be able to give as much teaching as we can so that the members can train and help the new additions to Christ Family, this means to do as the Holy Scripture requires us to do. This includes serving the Lord with all our heart, devotion and determination.

“La Bergerie” is a home that can prepare the believer in living a life of solid communion with the Holy Spirit, guidance in leading a life of Holiness and total consecration to the Lord Jesus-Christ as well as the root of true deliverance and restoration on the basis of the everlasting word of God. The house of “La Bergerie” offers support to believers according to the word of God for the diverse gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Church, with the needs of; the youth, adults and the sick. We desire to support the believers in light of the Holy Scripture, with the need for family values and including restoration based on Christian value.

As a family in Christ we would look towards the opportunity of working positively with other ministries and serving the Lord in the light of word of God for the salvation of many souls throughout the world.

Mark Chap. 16: 16 – 15 'and he said unto them, go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature’