Sunday Service 2.30 until 5pm:  come and join us every Sunday in a time of fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ, spending time to worship the Lord our God and listening to his Holy Scriptures.

Every Thursday excluding the first week of the new month, we have a time of Intercession from 7pm - 8.30pm where everyone is welcome to join us in unity and prayer for the church and our own personal trials and tribulation, it is a fantastic time to come and seek the hand of the Lord to do something wonderful.

Every first Friday of the month we have a night vigil that takes place from 10pm- 1 am, another opportunity to take a stand and pray for the house of the Lord and your situations in unity with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  

Every third Saturday of the month we have a youth meeting which takes place from 1.00 until 3.00 pm, which gives the youth of the house a time to come and share the word with each other, a time where they can ask questions freely to the Pastor and the Elders of the church concerning the teachings of the Bible and what the Lord needs us to do.

Every second Saturday of the month we have a meeting for the servers of the house, for them to gather in prayer and strengthen their devotion in serving the Lord